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UTEPO Helped the Reconstruction of Surveillance System

Time:2021-01-29 Source:UTEPO
The main business of this chemical plant in Huizhou, China includes the development and manufacture of aluminum electrolytic containers, double-layer capacitors, etc. There are many types of hazardous chemicals in the production of chemical plants, and the production lines are widely distributed, and the production site environment is high-risk and complex.
In order to standardize the management of chemical plant safety production, protect the safety of the chemical plant area, orderly control the chemical plant safety production, rapid emergency disposal of safety emergencies, the establishment of a set of highly reliable ex-proof high-definition video surveillance system is necessary.
Analysis of the Old System
The existing commercial switches cannot adapt to complex industrial environments
High network failure rate due to cascade networking
UTEPO Reconstruction Solution
Industrial durability (-40℃~75℃ wide temperature range, 6kV surge protection) to withstand severe outdoor conditions
Excellent performance of grouding and ESD protection effectively prevent unpredictable explosions, caused by sparks from unplugging network cables in the oil industry
Fast ring with self-healing time in 20ms. When the main link is broken, the backup link begins to work
Support wide voltage input range, can supply enough PoE power to PD even in the places where it is hard to get the mains electricity
24 hour online monitoring with PoE watchdog, changing the traditional passive monitoring and improving online rate of cameras
Related Model
8*GE PoE + 4*GF
Industrial grade (-40℃~75℃)
IEEE 802.3af/at/60W
L2 Management
One-key RING / CCTV / LOCK /
ONLINE (PoE Watchdog)
6kV Surge Immunity
8*GE PoE + 2*GF
Industrial grade (-40℃~75℃)
IEEE 802.3af/at
Wide voltage input range (DC 12V-48V)
One-key fast ring / BSP
PoE Watchdog
6kV Surge Immunity